Gavin Halm
Words + Things

// Works in Progress //

// Hotel Barbara Worth // Poetry chapbook, plus Text+Image special edition // A once-famous, and now long-destroyed and forgotten, early-20th century hotel located in the Sonoran Desert of Southern California is brought back to life through the various voices of ghostly guests, visitors, and employees in an imaginary history: From a businessman who tangled with the forces of nature in order to build an agricultural empire outside of the city of El Centro, to a quiet subterranean maintenance worker and engineer of genius who built one of the first proto-air conditioners in the nation, to some of the movie stars and artists that once partied and schemed between the walls of this posh desert getaway, all help weave an alternative historical tapestry of a bygone empire-building era of greed, ambition, and loss //

// Rake Station // Text+Image publication with accompanying prints and multimedia // Utilzing historical and archival research into the military use of portions of the Anza Borrego Desert as a bombing range over the last century, this project explores a violent chapter in the history of a physically and culturally fragile desert region of great solitary beauty through visual poetry, critical writings, photography, and interactive software //

// Please check back later when images and documentation will be posted to this page //