Virtual Reality. Design. Print. Web. Advertising. VFX. Video Production. Packaging. Mobile. Identity. 3D + Unity. Social. UI/UX. Video Post. Hardware R&D. Motion. 360 Video.

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Entertainment and Travel, to Sports and Non-Profit, as well as Automotive and just about Everything else.

From helping design Mountain Dew packaging and DC Shoes adverts at a small "street art" focused design shop, to working as the designer on annual reports and websites for a Fortune-sized biotech company, then moving on to help create award-winning viral video commercials and interactive media for the automotive industry, to more recently shooting VR episodes and building 3D worlds for Hollywood productions, my career has been a broad and deeply-mined landscape of roles and industries with these things in common: an obsession for high quality production, a passion for the technical, and strong ideation and creativity.

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