Instructional Design

Online and E-learning. Course Development and Instructional Design. Educational Video Production and Integration. Canvas and Blackboard LMS Platforms. Captivate and Camtasia.

Online course development, LMS management, and media creation for classes in Emerging Media, Interactive Motion Graphics, Online Communities, Writing for Interactive Media, Art and Technology, and Studio Television Production at the The Art Institutes of California and University of California.

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Description: Like all educational institutions across the nation, UCSD was required to migrate their entire course offerings online for Spring 2020, at the last possible moment, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

For this course in Studio TV Production that I was initially to teach in live-lecture format, within the Department of Communication, I utilized my past experience developing online courses in media production at The Art Institutes of California and UCLA using instructional design principles, course/project management spanning academic and non-academic departments, multimedia integration and development, as well as my own professional experience with non-traditional media production, in order to salvage a class designed for a live group setting.

The course thus retooled for online delvery, and seamlessly presented within the Instructure Canvas LMS platform, happily proved to be popular with the students (which is always the best reward!), who seemed to quickly move beyond the fact that the course was no longer centered around a live multi-camera television studio, and was instead geared for individual, mobile viral video production:

"This course was really fun! Professor Halm was exceptional and always willing to help. Assignments could get challenging but once you got the hang of it, these skills are useful far beyond the course."

"I think Professor Halm did a fantastic job teaching this course online...I wish I could take more classes with him!"

"Great class. Flexibility has helped astronomically under circumstances."

"GREAT INSTRUCTOR!! Very helpful and understanding of the times we are in."

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