Gavin Halm
Selected Virtual Reality

Outlander, “Season 3” (BTS episode)
// Watch // Press

Television series - Live-action 360 video
Duties: Director of Photography + Assistant Director
Starz, 2017

The Dr Oz Show
// Stills
Television series - Fully immersive, live-action VR episode
Duties: Post-Production
Sony Pictures Television, (unreleased) 2017

Hanging With Shag
// Stills
Artist documentary - Fully immersive, live-action VR
Duties: Post-Production
Reverge VR Productions, 2016-present

Hillsong United Concert
// Watch
Live concert - Fully immersive, live-action VR + 360 video
Duties: Director of Photography + Post-Production
Capitol Music Group, 2015

The 33
// Stills
Motion picture - Fully immersive, constructed VR experience
Duties: Director + 3D Production
Alcon Entertainment, (unreleased, functional 3D experience) 2015

Direct, project-specific references available upon request