3D-VR. Live-Action VR. Unity and 3D Modeling. Production and Post-Production.

The mid-to-late 2010's were a fascinating time period to be working with virtual reality as the technology finally became somewhat mainstream. Though it has yet to shed its reliance on cumbersome hardware interfacing (still a major issue even with all the current talk about the "Metaverse"), working with such cutting edge media is always a highly rewarding experience.

The professional roles I filled during this time primarily covered direction, VR cinematography, and post-production, all while performing as part of a tight and supportive creative team.

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Production: Outlander, Season 3 BTS 360-video episode, 2017
Duties: Assistant Director, and VR Cinematographer
Clients: Starz, Sony Pictures Television
Production house: Reverge VR
Location : Cape Town Film Studios, South Africa

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Production: The 33 Experience, fully-immersive 3D-VR, 2015 (unreleased)
Duties: Director, plus Unity and 3D modeling
Clients: Alcon Entertainment, Warner Bros Pictures
Production house: Reverge VR

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Production: Hillsong United, live-action VR concert and 360-video, 2015 (released 2016)
Duties: Assistant Director, and VR Cinematographer
Client: Capitol Records Group
Production house: Reverge VR
Location : Toyota Center, Houston, Texas

For these early live-action VR and 360-video shoots (before we eventually partnered with Facebook to be the first to use the Surround 360 platform professionally), we ended up designing and constructing our own camera array in order to meet client needs at a more managable price point as the cost of renting the appropriate professional-level camera equipment was prohibitively expensive. A short promotional video about this early solution of ours can be viewed on Vimeo.

Other live-action VR productions of note during this time, in which I worked as a Post-Production/Effects Artist compositing and stitching 360 video, were The Dr. Oz Show (Harpo Studios, Sony Pictures Television, 2016), as well as a short-form VR documentary shot at the home of celebrated LA artist Shag (Hanging with Shag, 2016)

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