3D-VR. Live-Action VR. Unity and 3D Modeling. Production and Post-Production.

The mid-to-late 2010's were a fascinating time period to be working with virtual reality as the technology finally became somewhat mainstream. Though it has yet to shed its reliance on cumbersome hardware interfacing (still a major issue even with all the current talk about the "Metaverse" coming), working with such cutting edge media is a highly rewarding experience.

The professional roles I filled during this time (like always, as part of a fertile creative team) included writing, direction, VR cinematography, and post-production.

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Production: Outlander, Season 3, behind the scenes 360 video, 2017
Duties: 360 Video Production - Director of Photography
Clients: Starz, Sony Pictures Television
Production house: Reverge VR
Location : Cape Town Film Studios, South Africa

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Production: The 33 Experience, fully-immersive 3D-VR, 2015 (unreleased)
Duties: Director, plus Unity and 3D modeling
Clients: Alcon Entertainment, Warner Bros Pictures
Production house: Reverge VR

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Production: Hillsong United, live-action VR concert and 360-video, 2015 (released 2016)
Duties: VR and 360 Video Production - Director of Photography, Assistant Director
Client: Capitol Records Group
Production house: Reverge VR
Location : Toyota Center, Houston, Texas

For these early live-action VR and 360-video shoots (before we eventually partnered with Facebook to be the first to use the Surround 360 platform professionally), the cost of renting the appropriate professional-level camera equipment was prohibitively expensive, so we ended up designing and constructing our own camera array in order to meet client needs at a more managable price point. A short promotional video about this early solution of ours can be viewed on Vimeo.

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